"Classic" model 

Body - Indian rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia)

Top - Red cedar (THUJA plicata) / German spruce

Neck - Brasilian cedar;

Fingerboards onlay - Madagascar ebony (Diospyrus - spp);

Insertion in the neck - Madagascar ebony (Diospyrus - spp);

Veneering of head - East Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia);

Bridge -   East Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia);

Inserts - Madagascar ebony(Diospyrus - spp);

Inlay head - natural pearl (pearl, galiotis);

Nut - Bone;

Tuning mashines - DJ, color - nigra, pags - black ebony;

Strings - Savarez, 540 J, hard tension


 Approximate prices:

Body material:




Maple 1500 euro
Red wood 1500 euro
Indian Rosewood 2000-2500 euro
Madagascar Rosewood 3000-3500 euro
Malaysian black wood     4500 euro


As it is well known, a price of guitar mainly depends of the material for the body (back and sides), so in this table you can visually compare the difference in prices depending of the material.

By the personal request it is possible to make almost any encrustation.



Among the most popular requests:

Armrest (built in) and "High" neck


20th fret and radiused fingerboard


- choice of a head style. 


The coating may be:





matte glossy


Shipping of the guitar.

It is better and it is highly recommended to pick up a guitar personally. 

To the place located far from Kharkov and for international shipping I use EMS courier services. Shipping cost to date is around 170 euros. This amount includes the assessment of the expert guitar, materials and production of packing, shipping and handling costs. Until now more than twenty guitars delivered by this service successfully.


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